waaaaaaaa sdap nyer..it was really delicious and tasty..aza n syfa were cooked me a "Ayam Masak Merah" with a "Sayur Kobis"...Simple but it looks nice..sdap gler..siap bwk blk tapau lg..well..aza n syafa were my wives..so this was a part of their responsibility right???..yeah! cooking for husband..wakakaka=p

ayam yg telah di bedah..hahaha=p

memborong sayur ker cik adik oi? hehe=p eh wife aku la..hahaahha=p masak kn utk saya ye?makaseh..lalalala=p
even diorang puasa Sunat 6, still sdap diorang masak..hebat x? hehehe=p
harap2..keyone lg hebat masak dr mereka..hehehe=p insyaAllah..huhu=]

huh? begitu rakus aku mkn..hahahaha=p
Dont try this at home ! (from G-Force Movie)

sdap nyer kobis tuh..x abes mkn..aku yg bwk blk..utk mkn lunch esk..hahahaha=p
sdap2..nyum2..aza mkn je keje smpai x kesah camere dh pown..hahaha=p
thu la puasa..lapa ye?hehehe..cian..lalala=p

smpat lg si cik syafa nih..mkn jerk laaa dok posing2 plak..hahahaha=p

pnowh nyer mknan dpn wati..hahaahha=p

sayur kobis goreng (slama 20 thn aku mkn bnde alah nih, br aku thu name nye..hahahaha)

Tea made by AZA..special for patient because this drink was less sugar..air org sakit
(bak kate afni)

nih ape ek? ooooo botol kicap AZA..hampir tertipu aku..diorang ckp air sarsi..kuang asam..hahahaha=p
siap ko yah !

AYAM MASAK MERAH yg Sedap ! Kobis Yg Goreng teramatlah sedap..

love u guys..! thanx masak kn..hehehe=p

esk mlm diorang nk masakn kn lg..kalo tiap2 hari mcm nih kn best..aku leh jd gmok..eh2..silap..tough laaa bkn gmok..hahahaha=p

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Last Thursday, we (myself, aza, syafa, azmil, and adi-bf aza) went to the Jaya Jusco in Seremban2..we was play bowling 2 game only because the time is limited..almost maghrib..normally we play 3 games,but nvm laaa..i'm still can destroy all of them as usual
(the word destroy sounds like in a war)

Here we go..

guys, this was a first game...

Couple Score..at least adi shows he was a men..coz he always score better than his gf..hahaha

Sohai = Azmil..suddenly he changed his name coz of lack in game..keyone? who's that? that was my gf's name..she represent for me..u were great,honey! lalalala=p

seee...aza n her bf were together..lalala=p her bf just look at her skills..and try to impove his gf performance..hahahaha=p

this is azmel..a.k.a Sohai..a.k.a. Shida..1st, he put his gf name then change to sohai..wakaka=p
look at him..he throw very slow n cute..wakakaka..al maklum laaa..lalalala=p

this is syafa..she was shy with the cameramen n she tried to block her face with that bowling ball..focus to the center, syafa! not in the drain..wakakaka=p

here we go..

the second game begins..

as ususal..i was the winner..again n again?adus..i really wanted to see who will take over my place as a winner..wakakaka=p
the name KEYONE m'bawa tuah..lucky..hehe=p

sebok jerk org blakang tuh..hahaha
1st step: in a right position n feel comfort..

aza? ske sebok bile aku nk pose sane sini..jeles beno! hahahha=p
2nd step: target the middle point by using ur eyes n focus..bengkok kn badan sket..lalala=p

3rd step: BALING jerk..hahahha=p
make sure soft and high speedy..

that was my skill..angkat kaki..hahahaha=p
budget mcm bowling player jerk..ade gaya sape2 x? sharlin? ker mcm bowling player from singapore? or england?hahahaha=p perasan..

then, after we play blowling, we had a shopping together..mcm2 beli( padahal xder pown dibeli nyer pown..hahahaha)

then we went to the cinema..we watched G-Force(cute movie n funny)

u should watch this movie..lots of funny n sure will make u laught till the end of story..hahaha=p me n aza were laughing coz of their joke..but, i wonder y the other people were not laughing..in fact, it was funny..maybe they do not really understand english? i guess..hahahha=p
they just laughing on their action only..but not in their speaks.lol~

even my eng is bad..i still can understand what were they talking about till make me laughed..hahahaha=p

Today We (myself and family) went to open house in Putrajaya..we have been invited by the Prime Minister(dh lame x jumpe..ceh mcm PM tuh member aku la plak..hahahaha)

police? pergh mcm semut..ramai gler polis..mcm la aku nk bom PM tuh..hahaha=p
but, i miss one thing that me n family had no time to go upstairs to visit Mr Najib..wakaka=p

So, we just ate at outside..it looks like in prison u know..hahahaha=p
dont u believe?

Just have a look all the pic below k..

berbilang bangsa..satu MALAYSIA





SATHIA..Menceloteh jerk macha nih..hahaha

ANGELINA n mamat mane ntah..

ANGELINA n makcik mne ntah..hahaha


DIA FADHILA n bdak kecik mane ntah..hahaha


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Today, i bkk pose kt Masjid. best..mkanan nyer sdap2..mcm2 mknan ader.. bkn tuh jerk..dpt knl antara sesama umat islam..ader bdak dr UKM laaa..dr UIA la n ader dr UITM..so borak2 dgn diorang..AWEK dtg pown ramai..hahahhaa=p hmm...mmg best laaa..esk nk gie lg..sape nk join? bkn dtg masjid just nk mkn sedap jerk taw..dtg masjid beramal..bkn melantak! hahahaha=p sengal2..lalalala~

pakcik2 tgh mkn ape tuh? cm sdap jerk..lalalala~

aku maen snap jerk pic bdak ukm nih..xnk kantoi..aku amek dr bwh..hahahaha=p

Haaaaaa td solat witir ader doa qunut..coz dh 10 mlm terakhir..sabtu pg ader qiyamullail..so, mlm tuh aku nk minx mcm2 kt ALLAH..mcm2 solat sunat kite boleh buat..so jgn lepas kn peluang anda yeee..solat sunat hajat, taubat, tahjud, tasbih, n mcm2 lg la..tp mlm sblom nk wt qiyamullail tuh kne tdo dulu..xkesah la tdo sejam ker 1 minit ker? 1 saat pown boleh gk...hahaha..asl kn tdo..hahahaha=p jgn tdo smpai x bgn plak..tuh dh laen name nyer..hahahhaa=p

So, esk mlm aku tdo kt masjid..dgn jiran2 ku..lalalala~ mlm tuh nk wt pe ek?jeng3..merayau dulu laaa..hahahaha=p member aku ckp..mlm tuh nk wt keje jahat..maen mercun n baling kt kete org..perghhh kjam gler member aku nih..then dia ckp...alaaaaaa mlm wt jahat..esk kn nk solat sunat taubat n sume tuh..so leh la bertaubat..ader masa lg..rilex laaa..tuh member aku ckp..sengal gk kn dia tuh..hahahaha=p

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U know what, I really wanna post this last week..unfortunately, i was busy with my asgnmnt and exam..this pic was before my exam..so, me, farid, aza n syafa were study together..i was boring study..so wt r u waiting for..capture time..posing time ! yeah! dh lame x wt bende nih..hahahaha=p

model buku

aksi tonggeng

franchise book..nk bkk mcD..hahaha=p






finally dpt gk aku post setelah sekian lama aku tunggu..it was cause of my exam n asgmnt..btw, gd luck to all of us ~aza,syafa,aina and me~CONSENSUS!

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huh? i was really exhausted yesterday night..i tought 4 candidates of SPM students in add math subject for their SPM trial today..waaaaa today i slept from 7am(after subuh) till 4pm..wow..then, i woke up n pray(zuhur)..u know wt..i have to remind all the addmath subject from form 4 till form 5..wow..it was a request from my neighbour to teach them..even i just got b3 for my add math..it's not a prob for me to teach them..coz knowledge must be share each other..dont be stingy on ur knowledge coz x BERKAT nant..hehehe=p

i tought them statistic, differentiation, factorize n many more..waaaaa i dont believe it that i can solve all their problems..i made all the solution for them..hopefully they can answer that sucks addmath question..all the best,dude! btw, i was enjoyed teaching them coz at least i had remind myself bout add maths..it was a challenging subject for every SPM students..

during the discussion and lecturing them, i thought them really confident and the most thing happened is we playing card..hahaha=p playing card more than study..sengal jiran aku nih..well, it's coomon thing in the guys's environment..hahahaa=p

u seee..bdak2 sengal yg nk amek exam ..add math plak tuh...gler r diorang nih..if i was them, no card n seriously wont join them study group..coz play more than study..hahaaha=p
then, at 3 o'clock all of us slept together in one bed..hahaha=p jeng3..one of my neighbour was rap by us..hahahaha=p xpkai spender..hahahaha=p sengal2..dh laaa..lucah2..ok2,thats all..daaaa~ :p
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waaaaaa long time no blogging !!!
i was bz cause of my coursework, asgnmnt and exam..all done nicely as wt i planned..
now, Apple really wanted me to update my blog..so, I do now ! hahaha=p
but, no pic coz i'm in library now ! i dont bring a phone cable coz my pic all inside my lovely phone..lalala~ dont worry, i'll update my blog soon..see yaaa~
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we went to THE MINES play bowling for today..
i sacrifice my time not to play tennis..but i join them to play bowling coz long time no bowling..asyik tennis jerk bosan gk.btw, both of these sports are still using a hand to play..hahaha=p (cm pelik jerk bunyik nyer..jgn pikir laen..hahaha)
so, there's a few pic..check it out, bebeh !!!

yeah, this is da champion group coz i was there..hahaha=p
1st game, me n kerel were compete each other in order to get a king title(the winner!)..lastly, ofcoz, i'm da champion..hahaha=p

During da 1st game....

ok, here as wt i told u.. i won..that was my result..the alphabet " L " for LUQMAN. that's me!!! hahaha=p haaaaaaaa u see there..between me n kerel only 2 different marks..hahaha=p
keep training to beat me next time yeah,kerel..hahaha=p (ish3,b'lagak sungguh nada ku.haha)
btw, we as a team still win against my our opponent which lead by azmil..hahaha=p

My Opponent's team: including kitty,azmil,aza n bum2(new people involved)..hahaha ok, this is our opponent results..377 compare to our score, 598? omg!!! totally different..hahaha=p

2nd game..forgot to snap laaaa..hahaha=p

During the third game...

My team again..so this is my HIGH SCORE (220) that i really dream of ..thanx a lot THE MINES..i love u..hahaha=p
can u see my result in that pic? 5times strike at the of this frame..wow,i never do that b4..it was amazing..hahaha=p now, i praise myself la plak(sape lg nk puji diri sendiri kn? hahaha)
this time..kerry kalah teruk..lalala~
i thougt he still wanna compete with me..hahaha=p

we still win..boring la asyik mng jerk..hahaha(gelak poyo)..

so, aza has to spent us to BBN next time..owh yeah n karaoke too !!! hahaha=p

hope we can spent this chills day next time!!! enjoy gile coz I ader byk strike n I strived my new high score (220) !!!
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